Wednesday, December 29, 2010

Sometimes When I Forget: Poem


Sometimes when I forget
Where I am, where I will be tomorrow
Blessed memory can take me on it's wings far, far away.

When the pain gets too much
Pass my finger across the strings
The wooden body hums, the wooden body needs that much.

The flesh is weak but the mind,
Permits some delusions
The time for illusions has gone.

Sometimes when I forget
Where I am, where I began
Where I am and what I've become:
Where I can be in the long years to come.

Copyright: Rani Turton

Monday, December 27, 2010

Cry Now, Relentless Fire: Poem

 Cry Now, Relentless Fire

Ease the pain, now, coursing,
Furious, raging fire
Someone whom, just by silent touch
Can say so much

There were rivers of embers
Coursing in my veins; cry now,
Divine, relentless  fire
Sleep will come with the dawn
Immemorable fire, but no, not desire
For this life or another
No pangs for immortality

Ease the pain, while the planets spin
The world, upside down, slanting
Speaks to me through
Slivers, shivers, rivers
Of corporal fire; my brain
Has no more space in which to think

I am this moment, sage and mage
I am the fire, the image
And then comes the pain, again
Coursing in my veins; cry now,

Divine, relentless fire

Copyright: Rani Turton