Wednesday, August 24, 2011

On Losing: Poem

On Losing

Walking on the edge, walking, walking on the edge
It could have been now or never; now or forever.

On losing, or letting loose consequences
Often life's bitter sequences;

And then dawn would come.
Hope beckoned as alone

Hiding in an alcove dark and aloof
Rain splattering on the roof

Words fond their way to my soul:
Strummed, drummed and made me whole.

Copyright: Rani Turton

Wednesday, August 3, 2011

Moonlight: Poem


There is a stillness in the night that, softly
Unfreezes the most frozen of hearts;
There is a glow about moonlight
Which can touch your face
And set it a-glow: like candlelight it lights
And highlights even the most humble place.

There is the sun in everyone
But the moon, like a loom
Works on the finest of stuff
In a silent shuttered room.

Copyright: Rani Turton