Friday, February 12, 2010

This Emptiness Within: Poem


This emptiness within, an utter stillness that could,
Would, should remain transfixed by eternity

Not a sunyatian stillness not the perfect void
A void, no, rather devoid
Not a perfect vacumn not even the space
To fill up a space that

Silences and stillness from analysis
Springs nought; not the naught but the knot
And the stillness and the silence in empty hearts
As far from perfection as existence
As far from existence as perfection
From where perfection springs
From the depth of the naughts

This emptiness within, then as still
As far from perfection's existence
As from perfecting existence

Transcends and permeates the fickle uneasy mind
Leaving mind and thought and emotion far, far behind.

Copyright: Rani Turton

Wednesday, February 3, 2010

Anchor: Poem


Wherever you may rove, my thoughts, my brimming heart
Tries to keep pace with you: for so it is;
The journey has been so long, so fraught with worry
I  am numb and my eyes blurry.

There is a port perhaps where you can at times
Anchor; there is an inn or a home where you may
At times wont to  linger: wherever you may go
My heart goes with you, with every tide's flow.

Once I knew you were my lighthouse
My ocean and my endless horizon, I dared
To cross oceans and go hither and dither;
But in anguish oft did my lonely soul wither.

 Folk musicians  wander and do not wonder;
But how did I become the muse and the mast
When all that I ever wanted, I do concur
Was to become your eternal anchor?

Copyright: Rani Turton

Rolls Royce Phantom Saloon

Seen at an automobile show in a suburb of Paris, this dream car.