Wednesday, February 3, 2010

Anchor: Poem


Wherever you may rove, my thoughts, my brimming heart
Tries to keep pace with you: for so it is;
The journey has been so long, so fraught with worry
I  am numb and my eyes blurry.

There is a port perhaps where you can at times
Anchor; there is an inn or a home where you may
At times wont to  linger: wherever you may go
My heart goes with you, with every tide's flow.

Once I knew you were my lighthouse
My ocean and my endless horizon, I dared
To cross oceans and go hither and dither;
But in anguish oft did my lonely soul wither.

 Folk musicians  wander and do not wonder;
But how did I become the muse and the mast
When all that I ever wanted, I do concur
Was to become your eternal anchor?

Copyright: Rani Turton


  1. Wow, such a nice poem!! it has a much worth reading, thanks to the Author for this poem!! i want to save this poem,

  2. This is really, really beautiful.